Managed Services


Bundle assets and services into one payment

Managed services agreements bundle hard equipment costs with soft costs such as training, maintenance and software into one manageable monthly payment. It’s a total cost solution that streamlines purchases and payments. 

Multiple services, one payment

Managed services agreements (MSA) combine simple payments with the security of included support for new assets. 

Practical and efficient

MSAs solve an organisation’s need for equipment and ongoing maintenance – without the complication of agreements with multiple vendors and suppliers.

White-label finance

We work with partners to create attractive managed services packages that will work for their customers. Our white-label product helps to position our partners as full service providers.

Complete behind-the-scenes support

We’re like a silent partner. Our partners get behind-the-scenes support in engaging and helping their customers. We only come to the fore if there’s an issue. This helps our partners to maintain customer relationships. 


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